Fully Equipped


Gear: BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) – Oceanic EX 100 

Regulator – Oceanic 

Scuba Tanks – LUXFUR 50/80/100 CBFT 

Wet Suit – Aqua Lung Full Length & Shorty 3mm 

Mask – Deep Sea 

Fins – Ocean Pro 

Dive Boots: Deep Sea


Daily Gear Rentals:

BCD - $32.00 

Regulator - $32.00

Wet Suit - $20.00

Flash Light - $25.00 

Dive Computer - $50.00

Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Tanks, Weights - N/C



Repairs & Service:

We service and repair regulators. We also provide visual inspection for scuba cylinders.



We offer Nitrox diving and certification. Our shop has the top of the range nitrox unit and a qualified gas blander to fill nitrox tanks. We also have a qualified instructor to teach nitrox course. This gas is best recommended for divers wishing to do multiple dives over a period of days as it prevents the divers from absorbing too much nitrogen from normal air tanks. Nitrox is oxygen enriched air.


Our two fully equipped Dive Centres located in Savusavu and on Namenal Island provide you with the best guides, instructors and equipment to ensure your experience with Namena Divers is simply out of this world.  With our knowledge and experience we can ensure you have the best and safest equipment to make each dive with us one of the best you can experience.  Don't just take our word for it read what our guests have to say about us on  TripAdvisor.  

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