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GoPro Camera and Accesories  $108.00



Capture your experience with us in High Defnition video using our GoPro cameras.  We can provide you with all the equipment you need to record your scenic adventure into the deep.  Wait until your friends see you swimming amongst a shoal of Hammerheads at the 'Dream House'!

  • Smaller – 20% smaller and lighter

  • Superview video modes – Even wider viewing angle

  • Auto low light mode – Intelligently controls frame rates based on lighting conditions to enhance low light performance

  • Sharper, clearer and less distortion – A new lens increases sharpness by 33% and there is also a 2x reduction of imaging artifacts

  • Audio – Improved audio quality and reduced wind noise

  • Longer battery life – The battery life has been increased by up to 30% for even more footage

Watch an example of the spectacular footage you could capture with us.