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For day trips to Fiji's premium dive sites weather conditions will also be taken into consideration when planning trip. We try and offer these sites regularly, but should weather conditons restrict, cancellation may be done.


All rates in Fijian Dollars per person and inclusive of all taxes.


Korosun Rates:


1 Snorkeling (Adult ) Trip $65.00 

1 Snorkeling (Kid) Trip $35.00 

1 Tank Dive $145.00 

2 Tanks Dive $255.00 

1 Tank Night Dive $195.00


(Price does not include gear rental)


Dive Packages:


3 Days of 2 Tanks Dives $750.00

(1 day free gear rental)


4 Days of 2 Tanks Dives $960.00

(2 days free gear rental)


5 Days of 2 Tanks Dives $1050.00

(2 days free gear rental)

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Feature  Dive 

Shark Dives



8.30 am    1 Tank Dive 

10.30 am  1 Tank Dive & Snorkeling 

1.30 pm    1 Tank Dive & Snorkeling 

5.45 pm    1 Tank Night Dive 


7.30 am     Namena Day Trip & Somosomo on selected days 


9.00am      Free Pool Session





We operate our dive operation from Korosun Resort, Savusavu.  Although we have been in operation for more than two years our dive crew have grown up in these waters and it really is our backyard.  We consider the Korosun Reef one of the best dive sites to easily access fron the Savusavu region.  We provide you with a top qulaity dive trip every time, new custom dive boats, top qulaity gear and a professional service are just the beginning. We can take you out to find what you are looking for grey reef & white tip sharks, and our the occasional silky, silver tip, tiger and bull sharks.


Dream House:
Type of Dive: Moored (10 minutes from our Korosun marina) 

Max depth: 130ft/30m    

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


Description:  Description: World famous in Fiji, this is a pelagic dive on Savusavu’s eastern barrier reef where you’ll encounter a resident shoal of scalloped hammerheads, grey reef sharks, white-tip sharks, barracuda, bat fish, surgeon fish, unicorn fish, tuna, scorpion leaf fish, anemone fish and many schools of tropical fish. Rated amongst our best dive sites. We never get bored of diving this amazing site. A must for divers visiting Savusavu.

Premium Dive Somosomo Straits

Purple Garden:

Type of Dive: Moored (10 minutes from Koro Sun Marina)

Max Depth: 130ft/ 30m

Level: Intermediate


Description: As the name suggests, an abundance of purple soft corals rate this Savusavu dive site as one of the best local sites. Combine that with magic coral, sea fans, sea whips, nudibranchs and a fabulous swim thru, this site is surely a heaven under the sea. One of our favourite dives.

Dungeons and Dragons:

Type of Dive: Drift (10 minutes from Koro Sun Marina)

Max depth: 80ft/ 25m

Level: Intermediate


Description: Some rate this cavern and swim thru dive on the Savusavu eastern barrier reef amongst the best they’ve done. Shrimp gobi, clams, fish nurseries, juvenile rock mover wrasse, magic coral in abundance and a great number of swim thrus and majestic caverns. Great dive for those seeking something different from the normal.

Devil’s Hideout:       

Type of Dive: Drift (5 minutes from Koro Sun Marina) 

Max depth: 70ft/ 21m 

Level: Intermediate


Description: Located only 5 minutes from our marina on the sheltered portion of the barrier reef, this dive site offers world class swim thrus and caverns. Lion fish, shrimp gobies, turtles and reef sharks inhabit these caverns. You will feel the adrenaline rush as you enter the Devils Hideout. Recommended for Intermediate divers as these caves have limited light and go deep within the reef.

Turtle Alley:        

Type of Dive: Wall (5 minutes from Koro Sun Marina)         

Max Depth: 100ft/ 30m 

Level: All levels 


Description: is a wall dive with canyons and a series of coral head. A great sight to encounter turtles, wide species of hard coral, soft coral, occasional pelagic and micro creatures. Suitable for beginners and advanced divers. Located in sheltered waters, this site is accessible in all weather.

The Nursery 

Type of Dive: Drift (10 minutes from Koro Sun Marina) 

Max Depth: 60ft/ 18m 

Level: All levels 


Description: Located near the entrance of a small passage on the Koro Sun barrier reef, this site is a breeding ground for white tip reef sharks and turtles. Consisting of huge mushroom coral heads, pinnacles covered in soft and hard coral and a bed of beautiful coral gardens, this dive will satisfy both experienced and beginner divers. For those seeking an easy dive with lots to see, this is the perfect dive.

Coral Garden 

Type of Dive: Easy Drift (5 minutes from Koro Sun Marina ) 

Max Depth: 70ft/ 21m 

Level: All levels 


Description: Located directly across Koro Sun Resort on the barrier reef, Coral Garden offers the chance to see healthy colonies of hard coral species with giant clams, moray eels, eagle rays, pop, micro critters and occasional pelagic cruising the outer edge. An ideal spot for those wishing to do an easy dive with lots to see. This sites poses some of the healthiest corals on the Savusavu barrier reef.


Type of Dive: Pinnacles (10 minutes from Koro Sun Marina) 

Max Depth: 100ft/ 30m 

Levels: Intermediate 


Description: Consisting of 3 pinnacles projecting from 100ft to within 30ft from the surface, this site offers a chance to encounter shoals of bat fish, huge sea fans, turtles, sharks, healthy hard corals and many species of tropical fish.