University of the South Pacific has identified 58 species of shark that frequent Fiji's waters. These are some of the sharks that are often encountered along Fiji's coast, including grey reef, silvertip, whitetip reef, and tawny nurse shark


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Trips to Fiji’s Premium sites depend on weather conditions and diver numbers. Min Pax 10


We give you the best access to some of the worlds best shark dives to be found anywhere.  Our experience and knowledge of our local reefs will provide you with the shark diving experience of a lifetime.  Watch the video below to see what you can expect to experience up close and personal diving with us.

Namena Marine Reserve – Grand Central Station:
Max Depth: 30m                                  

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Type of Dive: Drift (1.25 hours from the marina - full day trip in conjunction with another Namena dive)


Description: A premiere dive site, and as its name suggests, this site is full of comings and goings down the wall! Multitudes of  grey reef and white tip sharks and even the occasional scalloped hammer head. Huge wrasse, tuna, barracuda and snapper. At times it’s hard to know where to look as there is so much to look at! If you’re into pelagics you’ve gotta do this dive!


Dream House

Type of Dive: Moored (10 minutes from Koro Sun Marina) 

Max depth: 130ft/30m 

Level: Intermediate/ Advance


Description: World famous in Fiji, this is a pelagic dive on Savusavu’s eastern barrier reef where you’ll encounter a resident shoal of scalloped hammerheads, grey reef sharks, white-tip sharks, barracuda, bat fish, surgeon fish, unicorn fish, tuna, scorpion leaf fish, anemone fish and many schools of tropical fish. Rated amongst our best dive sites. We never get bored of diving this amazing site. A must for divers visiting Savusavu.


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